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Naruto Shippuden Chapter 516: Gaara’s Speech November 11, 2010

A man who navigated the raging rapids of the shinobi world to find himself leading a massive force. Gaara, commander general of the joint shinobi army!

goodmorning! what a lovely morning to start with the new chapter right? well anyway, The chapter starts with the enemy, madara and kabuto are talking with the dead akatsuki’s and other known ninjas.( But the unique part there is that they can actually think like they are alive but, they don’t know whats happening but, they can’t do anything at the same time.  It’s kinda unique right?)they are telling to each other that they don’t want to fight and what is happening why they were ressurected from dead. While they were preparing for it, the spies of the joint shinobi’s where instructed by one of them to go to the kages to tell them what they discovered regarding with the madara and the akatsukis and that they should leave her there. So when the three byakugan ninjas left and she was hiding the bushes. Kabuto found her and grab her with its snake(thats all that was seen in the chapter )

On the other part where the joined shinobi’s are, the stone and rock village fought one another because of the reason that their division general , who is Gaara is too young to be one! They think he is not suited and still young but, Gaara stopped it with his sand and made a speech about how they suppose to unite and help each other. The ninja’s are speechless and say sorry to one another and they were motivated by it. (Well that means that they acknowledge Gaara I guess)

At the same time, Naruto who is still having training lessons with bee with the lifting of rocks inside the turtle is happy because he succeed with it. So bee, told naruto  for the next and the final part of the training, but told naruto that it was something he thinks naruto will be sad and hopeless and mad at the same time ( thats all.well it was always like this, wanting readers to be hanged by some parts w/c I hate!)

and then it was back to the joint shinobi’s and they are already prepared and ready ( all in the images are the ninja’s are running and getting on the bird like Sai has with his art. And the kages are talking about they will win it!

Five great nation march into the battle united as one!

Did my explanation okey or good enough to understand? I hope so..well if you dont click here to see the whole chapter:

Naruto shippuden 516

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NARUTO SHIPPUDEN chapter 515 : THE WAR BEGINS November 5, 2010

NARUTO ALERT!!!! its up! its up!


oh my oh my… have you guys already saw and read the chapter 515 of naruto??

its kinda scary at the same time exciting..but a bit sad because I know that there will be alot of people who will be dead after the war.

well the chapter is all about tsuchikage-sama lift the big turtle and brought to the meeting place of kages or their base.  The spies went on searching and knowing about their enemies , and then naruto is suspicious about what is happening outside the turtle. and the other ninja went on telling him that everything is fine.  And captain yamato is still outside investigating(actually yamato was captured by kabuto to get more info about naruto and the rest of ninjas). He(naruto) was angry why he can’t go out while the animals can. And Bee get his attention by telling him he should train with his own chakra. And then the enemies madara, kabuto & sasuke with the inferi of ninjas and the joined shinobi’s get ready for the war!

after thought,

oh my I’m excited but the same time afraid about who will die, and what will happen to yamato. I’m really anxious about what will happen to naruto and sasuke.. are they really going to die? or one of them will? or one of them will not? oh my oh my!!!! I really wanted to know more!! can’t wait for the next chapters to come. I think the story will end in no time. Cause the War Begins!

to read the whole chapter and they are the fastest website posting Naruto!

so here is the link: