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Liu Bolin aka the chinese Invisible Man November 19, 2010

I was watching “Nat Geo amazing” when they feature photos of this Man making himself like a chameleon on everything that he sticks himself with(well, I’m sorry if this is my way of explaining it.) I was awed of how artistic he was. But I found out that it was his way of protesting to the government.

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Myanmar Memories (via Neil Wade’s Photography Blog) November 8, 2010

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Neil Wade’s Photos from Myanmar are very beautiful and making you want to go there as well. How lovely to go there to see it for myself.. I wanted to go there! I hope I can.

Neil Wade has a lot of photo to share. And I’m going to look for it more. See it for yourself also.

Myanmar Memories Myanmar (Burma) is a remote country in Southeast Asia.  It's a country that is isolated from the rest of the world for both geological and political reasons.  Travelers here are rewarded with very friendly people, and a culture set apart.  The years of isolation mean that Myanmar is one of the only places you can still experience true "old Asia" culture. Myanmar has had some recent elections and I've had a friend ask me about traveling there, so … Read More

via Neil Wade's Photography Blog


Christina Aguilera – come on over

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First of all..I don’t own this video..well I just like to share today, what music I listened to..yesterday, I watched E special about Christina Aguilera and suddenly saw her videos, and remember this particular song that I loved. I remember my days when I was still in my Grade School I think? hahaha.. Oh well, have fun!


previous days

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I’m having a hard time this past days. It’s like they came all at the same time. I’m getting mad at myself but I don’t want to give to much attention to it. I don’t want to focus on it But, can’t help but think of it more! I wanted to cry, mad. Everytime I stopped or my mind is free, I suddenly think of it and made my day sad. But nevertheless, I have to think of ways! Well since I’m dealing with it for days! I have my lists, jogging, skating and even reading. But I don’t have anything I want to read…do you have some any idea whats nice to read? mostly what I love to read are romantic comedy some kinda teen to ladies kinda stories..hehehe… Oh… I want to travel!!! when can I travel again..(sigh).


B. E . P. -Don’t Lie November 4, 2010

I was looking for songs and i found this song that was one of my fave.. it’s not new but I really love this song of BEP. And I’m dedicating it to the person I hate! the person who always lie! well I don’t believe in you anyway!

“Don’t Lie”

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
Hey, baby my nose is getting big
I noticed it be growing when I been telling them fibs
Now you say your trust’s getting weaker
Probably coz my lies just started getting deeper
And the reason for my confession is that I learn my lesson
And I really think you ought to know the truth
Because I lied and I cheated and I lied a little more
But after I did it I don’t know what I did it for
I admit that I have been a little immature
Fucking with your heart like I was the predator
In my book of lies I was the editor
And the author
I forged my signature
And now I apologise for what I did to you
Cos what you did to me I did to you

No,no, no, no baby, no, no, no, no don’t lie
No, no, no, no, yeah, you know, know, know, know, you gotta try
What you gonna do when it all comes out
When I really see you & what you’re all about

No, no, no baby, no, no, no, no don’t lie
Yeah, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you gotta try

She said I’m leaving
Cos she can’t take the pain
It’s hard to continue this love it ain’t the same
Can’t forget the things that I’ve done inside her brain
Too many lies committed too many games
She feeling like a fool getting on the last train
Trying to maintain but the feeling won’t change
I’m sorry for the things that I’ve done and what I became
Caught up in living my life in the fast lane
Blinded by lights, cameras, you know the fame
I don’t know the reason why I did these things

And I lie and I lie and I lie and I lie
And now our emotions are drained
Cos I lie and I lie and a little lie lie
And now your emotions are drained

No, no, no, no baby, no, no, no, no don’t lie (no, don’t you lie)
No, no, no, no, yeah, you know, know, know, know, you gotta try (got to try, got to try)
What you gonna do when it all comes out (what you gonna do baby)
When I really see you & what you’re all about
Nonono babe, no, no, no, no don’t lie
Because you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, gotta try

Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ba da ba da ba da ba da badabada

Yo, I’m lying to my girl
Even though I love her
And she all in my world
I give her all my attention and diamonds & pearls
She’s the one who makes me feel on top of the world
Still I lie to my girl, I do it

And I lie and I lie and I lie till there’s no turning back
I don’t know why, (and I lie and I lie till I don’t know who I am)



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